SimplyWorks® Control Pro

The SimplyWorks® Control Pro is a two channel controller for battery operated toys and small appliances.

The SimplyWorks® Control Pro unit may be used with any of the SimplyWorks® transmitters to control toys, lamps, fans, or any battery operated equipment via a standard 3.5mm jack plug.

The SimplyWorks® Control Pro has two independent channels and also benefits from two co-operative modes. It can operate with both wired and wireless switches and any SimplyWorks® transmitter and also features Direct, Latched, Timed (minutes and seconds) modes.

  • Works with any SimplyWorks® transmitter to control battery operated toys or other output devices.
  • Two 3.5mm jack plug outputs via supplied leads.
  • Two independent channels
  • 10 Metre operating range.
  • Automatic power saving mode - no on/off switch.
  • Long battery life.
  • Choice of Direct, Latched, Timed (seconds), Timed (minutes), and two Co-Operative modes of operation.
  • Selectable time periods in timed modes.
  • Operates with both wired and wireless switches.

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