TapSpeak Choice for iPad

TapSpeak Choice for iPad re-interprets communication boards and speech generation devices for the iPad..

An easy-to-use and comprehensive app that supports communication needs from simple choice selection to complete speech generation.

It's a complete communication board and speech editor and player that saves up to 75% of the setup time over conventional devices and virtually eliminates maintenance time. Use the DynaVox/Mayer-Johnson PCS library, your own photos or images, and geometric symbols for visual targets. You can use text to speech voices provided by Acapela Group (20 languages and 43 voices - see TapSpeak.com for details) or your recorded voice. Boards/pages are easily and quickly set up using convenient vocabulary libraries. Multi-touch is intelligently used with editing and setup to greatly speed up these tasks.

For those whose motor skill abilities make it necessary to use a switch, TapSpeak Choice support using the iPad screen as a switch for scanning and supports AbleNet's Blue2 switch and RJ Cooper's iPad Cordless Super-Switch and iPad Switch Interface for external switches. You can use one or two switches for auto scanning and step scan and choose among a complete array of scanning options (sequential, row/column, step scan and multiple configurable settings). You can even set up separate auditory prompts with a separate message, voice, speaking rate and volume.

Children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, cortical vision impairment (CVI), stroke, or any disability that impairs their ability to communicate can make use of TapSpeak Choice.

Features include:

• One to 56 messages on a board give you plenty of flexibility for different skill levels. Choose from 18 grid dimensions or a dynamic layout that automatically adjusts grid size as you add buttons. New keyboard grid sizes support custom keyboard layouts.
• Board/Page linking/navigation with scanning support. Navigation buttons are stored in the Navigation library which is automatically maintained for you. Change link button speech and image as needed.
• Text to speech with support for 20 languages and 43 voices.
Message window with scanning support. Text to speech (TTS) and recorded voice can be combined seamlessly in the same sentence/phrase. Message window with backspace and clear message buttons for scanning support. Double-tap message window to clear message as well.
New keyboard support lets you type messages and combine typed text with buttons.
• Direct access and many scanning modes including two-switch scanning. Use the entire iPad screen as a switch, or use AbleNet's Blue 2 Switch or RJ Cooper’s iPad Super-Switch and iPad Switch Interface.
• Drag and drop creation and editing of communication pages.
• Spend hours less time setting up pages so you can spend more time with your child or student.
• Pre-populated libraries help you get started. Recorded voice setup as a default - other setups available for download.
• Message visual targets can be from the DynaVox/Mayer-Johnson PCS core library of 4500 symbols, images from your Photo Library or visually stimulating geometric symbols.
• Sort and arrange boards and libraries in categories.
• Tap response is configurable to accommodate kids with varying motor skill levels
• Enhanced auditory prompt (scanning) support. Use a separate voice/recording, speaking rate, and volume.
• Voice manager lets you download additional voices (if available for your language) and configure speaking/auditory prompt voices, speaking rate, and volume.

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