Improv is a new text based augmentative communication framework driven by Co:Writer technology. It is designed to speed up and drive novel communication.

With Improv, your AAC users won’t be limited to the words programmed in their devices OR the words they can spell. They will have the precise word or phrase available to them by just entering a few letters - whether it’s their favourite film, restaurant, hobby, or current social studies topic. Even phonetic or inventive spellers can communicate with Co:Writer helping out. These supports help your students transition into literacy-based communication. And as they communicate, Improv learns new vocabulary, phrases and stories, then auto adapts to improve communication.

Improv does all of this with no programming required!

Improv is software based so you can install it on any Windows based computer, tablet PC, or dedicated AAC device.

Improv Innovations

  • Instant topic dictionaries - type any topic name and instantly have access to all of the vocabulary.
  • Auto learning - Improv learns new words, phrases and stories, then auto adapts to speed up communication.
  • Saved stories and script - quick access to stories used time and time again.
  • Quick chat - quick greetings, positive responses, negative responses, farewells.
  • Phrase prediction - typing "tra dow" will prompt phrases like "Let's take the train downtown!".

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