The Language TherAppy Suite

Four apps for practicing low-level language skills
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Language Therapy combines our four language apps into one complete speech therapy toolkit. Comprehension, Naming, Writing, & Reading TherAppy are now together. The same core functional vocabulary organized by category runs across these two receptive and two expressive apps. Built-in cues, hierarchies, languages, and customization options make these apps versatile for assessment, therapy, home practice, and telepractice.

Comprehension TherAppy
Available in four languages, Comprehension TherAppy targets auditory and reading comprehension of single words. Designed to help people with receptive aphasia and alexia, it is also a valuable tool to treat attention and other cognitive deficits. Three user-friendly modes include Listen, Read, and Listen&Read to target individualized goals. The app automatically adjusts difficulty based on performance, allowing for independent massed practice. Built-in scoring and a results summary that can be e-mailed to the therapist in copy&paste report format makes therapy easy! Over 700 nouns, verbs, and adjectives with full-color photographs, recorded voice, and clear text!

Naming TherAppy
Using evidence-based therapy techniques to practice confrontation naming, Naming TherAppy helps people with anomia, aphasia, and other word-finding deficits. A practice mode features a built-in hierarchy of cues and self-scoring, a description mode allows for circumlocution practice with question prompts, and a flashcard mode allows the addition of custom photos and words along with verbs and adjectives! There's even a brief "Test" mode for a non-standardized screening of naming ability. Scoring is done by the user, and results can be emailed in report-ready format. Over 500 nouns with full-color photographs, recorded voice, and graphic icons.

Writing TherAppy
Writing TherAppy provides clinicians and clients with over 500 words and unlimited custom words to practice spelling using 4 different exercises with 3 levels of difficulty. Using familiar letter tiles, users are able to rearrange letters until they are ready to check their answer after selecting from a limited choice or full alphabet. With hints available at every level, clients can practice independently and achieve success. Fill-in-the-blank, copying, written naming, and writing to dictation are all included in this literacy app available in UK and US English.

Reading TherAppy
Reading TherAppy is a digital workbook, providing hundreds of reading comprehension activities at the phrase and sentence levels. With picture stimuli, users identify the phrase or sentence to match amongst carefully crafted foils. Text-based modes allow phrase and sentence completion. Scoring is automated and results can be e-mailed in professional reports. As a bridge from the single words of Comprehension TherAppy to the paragraphs and functional materials needed for independent living, Reading TherAppy provides clinicians and clients with valuable stimuli for independent practice and learning. More Info

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