Visual Essentials Photo Software

Photos for Behavior Management, Nonverbal Communication and Picture Schedules.

  • Contains over 3,500 photos, plus layouts and templates to create visuals for: Behavior Management-school rules, social rules for home/community, token boards, behavior charts, Nonverbal Communication-sign language, picture exchange cards, symbols Photo Schedules-daily living skills, home, school, community and activity schedules
  • Can add universal sign for “no” (circle with diagonal line across) over photos
  • Many pre-made layouts that can be printed as is, or customized to fit the user’s situation
  • As with “Picture This” (above) you can search by word, choose custom card sizes and text
  • Requirements: Windows 95 or higher; Mac OS 8.5 or higher, OS X native “Visual Essentials” Photo and Template Collection-(Mac/Win)

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