Jellybean Tunes

Learn to Read and Compose Music.
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Play many different children's and classical songs. Sing along, record and play back your performance. Learn the basics of reading music through 6 narrated and animated lessons. Create your own songs with the intuitive editor. Give them names and pictures from your photo library for that personal touch, then play, sing and record your own creations.

Made by the parents of a budding young musician, Jellybean Tunes introduces children to the musical staff through lessons and fun activities. Big, colourful notes, buttons and backgrounds present music in an engaging and fun way suited to younger hands. Playing songs by touching notes on the staff shows children (and adults!) where the notes are, what sounds they make, and what letters are associated with them. The lessons take learning a step further by gently presenting basic music theory. The editor allows freedom to explore and create music, further reinforcing musical concepts.

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