Flexzi 2

The funky, flexible gadget stand.
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Flexzi² is a double stranded Flexzi that offers a more stable support system – ideal for iPads and other larger items – just keep in mind that shorter Flexzies will be more stable and can hold more weight than longer ones.

Flexzi² comes in 3 lengths:

Small: 15cm (weight limit 4kg)
Medium: 30cm (weight limit 1.6kg)
Large: 45cm (weight limit 1 kg)
Mounting Options

To fix a Flexzi to your mounting position there are two options: Velcro™ or a clamp.

Velcro™ bases are great for flat surfaces like desks, tables, trays etc. Clamps allow Flexzies to be fixed to the edges of tables or tubes, such as on a wheelchair. We use heavy duty photographic clamps for great security and stability.

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Small with Velcro base
Medium with Velcro base
Medium with clamp base
Large with clamp base
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