Flexzi Max

Flexzi Max is a desk console to hold all your stuff.
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Flexzi Max is a desk console to hold all your stuff: iPads, iPods, phones, switches, buttons, remotes, mini hi-fi speakers, mirrors, games, handsets, toys and much, much more.

The giant, stable base grips the desk with Velcro™, allowing you to mount and position anything you like, exactly where you want it. It’s the ultimate ergonomic desk tidy and gadget holder. The sculpted mounting ends and funky segmented strands look amazing and complement your tech, without fiddly adjusters and holders.

Nothing could be simpler or more flexible. For users with restricted mobility Flexzi Max allows you to set up everything you need in the right place. It can be configured in numerous different ways with single and double mounting ends and adjustable lengths.

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Flexzi Max
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