A collection of Kiwi inspired Games and Activities. Learn Te Reo Maori, stare at a Kiwi Slang dictionary, play a 150 question quiz, a puzzle game based on NZ scenery, or a Kiwiana Icon matching game and much more.
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Te Reo Maori:

Learn Te Reo Maori. Learn using a drill-based method. Enter the word and repeat the word. Repeat until you know the word. There are two modes review and quiz. You can switch modes at any time. Review allows you to see the word in English and Maori. Repeat until you have learnt it.

Quiz Mode allows you to test yourself. Includes:

Colours/Nga Tae
Parts of the Body/Nga wahi o te tinana
Vegetables/Hua whenua
Transport/Waka Hari
Days of the Week/Nga ra o te wiki
Months/Nga marama
Seasons of the Year/Nga wa o te tau
Questions/Nga patai
Commands/He Tono
Continents/Nga motunui o te Ao
Countries/Nga Whenua
Names/Nga Ingoa
Deities/Nga Atua

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