Learn Te Reo Maori

Learn Te Reo Māori is a dazzling, thought provoking and fun Te Reo Māori application for the iPhone.
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Expand your horizons, travel to distance places, fly to alternate realms, build the passion for things unique and new, wander through the territories of the unknown, grow with each word, know yourself and discover the true desires of your heart, for you are a disciple of Te Reo Māori. Learn Te Reo using a drill-based approach. Enter the word and repeat the word. Repeat until you know the word. Touch the speaker icon to hear the word.

There are 24 subject categories. In each category there are two modes test and review. You can switch modes at any time.
Review allows you to see the word in English and Maori. Repeat until you have learnt it.
Test Mode allows you to see what you can remember. At anytime touch the speaker icon to hear the word.

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