Helpikeys is a programmable membrane keyboard which replaces the traditional keyboard and mouse.

Helpikeys is supplied with five standard overlays which are recognised by the keyboard when inserted under the protective membrane. As a programmable alternative keyboard, Helpikeys can be changed by using one of these five standard overlays, or by using the Helpikeys Layout Builder software (included) that allows you to design and print your own keyboard and mouse layouts. The keyboard can memorise five customised layouts in its own memory so your custom layouts can be used on any computer. The additional configuration settings layout allows you to personalise the response rate, the repeat rate and other keyboard characteristics. It also includes a programmable five switch interface that can be used for mouse control.

Key features

  •  Dimensions: 460mm x 370mm x 25mm.
  •  Five standard layouts included with a configuration layout for configuring the device.
  •  Layout Builder software to design and edit custom overlays.
  •  USB and PS2 cable.
  •  Suitable for MS Windows XP, MS Vista and Windows 7 64-bit operating systems.
  •  User guide and removable stand included.

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