iAdapter for iPad mini

Turn your iPad Mini into a durable AAC device using the iAdapter! The newly designed case offers better protection over previous models and utilizes Bluetooth technology for enhanced audio. Included with the iAdapter Mini case are a detachable stand, handle, shoulder strap and USB charging system.
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  •  Slimmer case design.
  •  Easy access to iPad Mini Lightning Port.
  •  Thicker plastic design to resist breaking from accidental drops.
  •  The iPad is now surrounded by rubber on all sides to improve protection.
  •  Captive screws that won't fall out when removing the iPad from the case.
  •  Shoulder strap can be clipped to any of the four corners.
  •  Enhanced sound quality using Bluetooth technology.
  •  Detachable handle that folds out of the way.
  •  Detachable stand that will hold the iAdapter upright in landscape mode.
  •  Approx. 10 hours of battery usage (iAdapter case).
  •  iPad Mini not included.

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