Thinkin' Things

Thinkin' Things Collection 1 takes place in Toony the Loon's Lagoon where five activity areas help early learners develop visual, spatial, logical and musical memory, problem solving skills, and essential critical-thinking skills.
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The five activity areas:

Toony the Loon's Lagoon - Students build auditory and visual memory as they repeat Toony the Loon's musical patterns. They create their own memorable melodies with Toony's wacky xylophones: glasses, strings, hollow logs, and even squawking chickens!

Oranga Banga® - Students need to watch and listen carefully as Oranga Banga plays on his funky drum set, and then repeat what he plays. For an even greater auditory challenge, students can ask Oranga to play in the dark!

Feathered Friends - Young learners will need to put on their thinking caps to create the missing bird in the series. Students will learn about attributes, differences, patterns and analogies.

Flipple Guides  - For a fun-filled lesson in Boolean logic, students visit the Fripple Shop and fill customer orders for Fripples while learning to observe, compare, contrast and recognize relationships.

BLOX Flying Shapes - Students blend music, art, science, and play as they experiment with motion and the illusion of depth, creating works of kinetic art as they control the motion of shapes and the sounds they make.

For Mac or Apple iPad.

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