Getting Started: iPads for Special Needs

The iPad can be a very powerful tool for the special needs user, but deciding to buy one is not the end of the story.

This handbook addresses not only why you should consider an iPad for your special needs user, but also which one to buy, the accessories that may be necessary for a special needs user – case, stylus, keyboards, switch access, Braille interfaces, wheelchair mounting and more – all with a particular focus on the special needs user. This book will also guide you through goal setting, basic and advanced set up options, finding apps and encouraging your user to interact with the iPad. Getting Started: iPads for Special Needs covers

  •  What the iPad is, what it can do for your special needs user, and why you should buy one
  •  What iPad you need to buy, including the device itself, appropriate accessories, assistive technology and adaptation
  •  How to set-up your iPad, with basics such as buying apps, syncing and back-up
  •  Goal setting
  •  Advanced set-up options
  •  Accessibility features
  •  Alternative Augmentative Communication on the iPad
  •  Getting the most from your iPad – finding apps, creating your own content
  •  Maintenance and Troubleshooting on your iPad
Co-founder of of Easter Seals of Greater Houston) and parent Sami Rahman presents a clear roadmap for not only determining whether or not an iPad would be helpful to your special needs user, but which version to buy, how to set up and protect your iPad with the special needs user in mind. Advanced set-up options, using Apple’s built-in accessibility options, apps and accessories are all discussed, as well as Tips and Tricks for using the iPad with the special needs user.

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