StoryPhones System

StoryPhones is a set of six MP3 player headsets, a loud speaking MP3 player with microphone and a USB base unit. Headsets are wire free, robust, easy to use and rechargeable for listening anywhere, indoors or outdoors.


  •  Users can play/pause, adjust the volume and move through the different tracks.
  •  Headsets are designed to twist and bend and stand up to the constant use of little hands.
  •  Headsets are supplied with a range of audio stories and songs from many of the publishers who  feature in the unique StoryPhones MP3 download store.
  •  Each player including the remote console can be set up to play a different set of tracks.
  •  Remote control feature for group listening -great for child and adult led activities.
  •  StoryPhones BookShelf software with media play, file storage, audio management, play list creation, tag editing, children's mode, training videos and help file is included.
  •  Download the same track to multiple headsets. 3.5mm switch (not included) control for up to two  switch devices.
  •  Headsets can be bought separately.

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StoryPhones MP3 Headset
Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
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StoryPhones 4 Way System

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StoryPhones 6 Way System

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