Accent 1400

The Accent 1400 is the latest communication device in the popular Accent range. It has a large 14" HD screen and is the perfect choice for individuals who want larger icons or those with complex needs. The Accent 1400 offers multiple access and extensive vocabulary options as well as being built for durability with its high impact case and magnesium frame.
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Exclusive software that powers both Unity®, LAMP - Words for Life, CoreScanner and Essence™ vocabularies

Voice Options

  • Acapela (includes 2 x Aussie Kids Voices - Liam and Olivia,2 Adult Voices - Tyler and Lisa)

  • RealSpeak (includes 2 x Aussie Voices - Lee and Karen)

  • Microsoft

  • Ivona (includes 2 x Aussie Voices - Russell and Nicole)


Unity Toolset Features

  • Icon Tutor lets user search for a word and find the appropriate icon sequence

  • Icon Prediction simplifies locating and learning the icon sequences

  • Simple Tool Box provides step-by-step guidance through basic programming

  • Pre-stored Activity Row categories and vocabulary, plus pages with expanded word sets

  • Vocabulary Builder helps teach a small set of words within a larger set

  • Specially created Visual Scenes for concept and language learning


Vocabulary Options

  • Pre-loaded with a full range of Unity® language systems(including 144-location version) and Essence™ vocabulary systems (60- and84-location versions)

  • LAMP - Words for Life™

  • CoreScanner™

  • WordCore™

  • Essence™ vocabulary system (60-and 84 locations)

  • Optional WordPower™ and Picture WordPower™ vocabularies

  • Optional The Grid 2 communication system


Easy Access Methods

Direct selection

  • 45, 60, 84 and 144 location touchguides to aid with direct selection

  • 4, 8, 15, 28 or 36 location touchguides to aid with direct selection

  • 45, 60, 84 and 144 location keyguards to aid with direct selection

  • 4, 8, 15, 28 or 36 location keyguards to aid with directs election

  • Single or Dual-switch scanning, Freedom Wireless Switch

  • USB Joystick or mouse

  • NuPoint Headtracker

  • NuEye eye-gaze access option


Communication Boosters

  • Word Prediction

  • Block and customisable scanning

  • Auditory and step scanning

  • Picture Prediction™ feature that 'learns' the user's most common extended vocabulary choices and automatically arranges the Activity Row icons for easier access

  • Enhanced audio recording and speech output quality

  • Auditory prompts to aid individuals with visual impairments


Advanced Features

Smooth, HD 14" touchscreen display with wide viewing angle, sealed to protect the components of the device

Daylight Readable Display

18-20 hour battery life (normal usage).

Notebook tools let the user write, copy and paste in their notebook

Front and rear cameras for taking pictures and video-chatting

Enhanced icon import capabilities

Access to over 4500 Minspeak® icons for customising vocabulary

Over 8500 optional PCS symbols

SymbolStix symbols

Simple steps to creating Activity Rows and Pages

NuVoice™ Emulation software with numerous special features,including tips for customising device

Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity for computer, phone and speaker access (Bluetooth Adapter for PC and MAC required for computer access

Context-Sensitive Help built into the device for fast answers that are easy to access


Computing Benefits

  • Full features of a Windows® 8.1 based device, including menu-drivenprograms

  • User can send and receive emails and access the Internet

  • Unity or Essence programs can be used as the onscreenkeyboard

  • Built in Wi-Fi™ capability


Therapist Tools

  • Pixon Kit Lesson Plans

  • LAMP sets

  • AAC Language Lab Lesson Plans, support material is easily accessible with the selection of a few buttons

  • Language Activity Monitor (LAM) software for tracking progress by collecting language samples

  • Visual Scenes for creating special teaching pages using graphic formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF and others


Simple, sturdy, ultra-light weight design

Easy access - Top loading, easy access computer compartmen twith added padding holds devices with up to a 16” screen size

Comfort - Padded, ergonomic back pack shoulder straps.

Lots of storage - Features three separate compartments and two expandable pockets on the side


Accent 1400 Standard Configuration

  • Unity Language System and Vocabulary Guide

  • Battery charger

  • Complete Operator Manual on USB Flash Drive

  • Content manual in device

  • 3 - 2.0 USB ports and 1 - 3.0 USB port

  • 1 - HDMI port

  • SD Card slot

  • Wi-Fi capabilities for integrated devices

  • Capacitive stylus

  • Wire stand

  • USB flash drive

  • Dual cameras

  • Mounting Plate

  • Carry Bag/Backpack

  • IR capabilities and environmental controls

  • 5 Colour Frames available (Black, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow)

  • Windows 8.1 Operating System

  • 1 Year Warranty


Product Weight: 2.68 kg (Accent 1400 only), 2.85 kg (Accent with Nueye attached)

Dimensions: 36 x 23 x 4.5 cm (Accent 1400 only)

Display Size: 36cm

Digitized Speech Memory: Unlimited

Battery Life: 8 -20 hours (normal operation), 10 - 12 hours (running Nueye)

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