FingerPrint 2

FingerPrint finds your printers and makes them available to your iPad and iPhone.

AirPrint™ is a technology created by Apple Inc. that allows iOS devices to print in a simple and intuitive way. AirPrint is driverless, virtually configuration free, and uses Apple's Bonjour zero configuration networking technology to advertise and discover printers, eliminating the need for users to know about IP addresses, ports, and PPDs.
While it doesn’t currently give users the kind of fine grained control over print jobs that many people have come to expect from desktop printing, AirPrint does allow users to configure things such as double sided printing, number of copies and paper orientation.

How does FingerPrint fit in? FingerPrint is a communication pathway between your iOS device and your computer. There are millions of printers in Enterprise and home environments that are perfectly functional, but not AirPrint™ enabled. FingerPrint AirPrint™ enables existing printers via your computer, breathing new life into printers that don't need to be replaced. Virtual printers increase the functionality and usefulness of this workflow software.

FingerPrint 2 Features:
  • Auto Discovery of Printers
  • Runs as a Service
  • Custom Virtual Printer Configuration
  • Increased Printer Compatibility
  • Access Control Lists
Computer System Requirements

  • iOS4.2 - iOS6.0.1
  • Mac OSX - 10.6 thru 10.8
  • PC - XP SP3 thru Windows 8 & Server 2003-2008 (Win 7 Starter and Windows RT not supported)

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