The only handwriting-to-speech application for the iPad, iPad Mini, and now iPhone, it provides a unique opportunity for people with disabilities to communicate.
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As an assisted speech technology application, HandySpeech supplements or even replaces speech for people with spoken language difficulties. The application helps people with speech or language impairments, including stroke, muscular dystrophy, oral, throat and neck cancer, autism, stuttering, and others. Users write what they want to say in any one of 13 languages and the software converts the handwriting into speech. It must be terribly frustrating not be able to speak. Handwriting is more natural than typing that often requires specific skills and physical abilities. That makes HandySpeech to stand out. HandySpeech was created by 12-year-old software developer Eric Zeiberg, who was inspired to create the application by his sister - an autistic girl with speech disabilities. "I hope that HandySpeech will provide much needed help and open new opportunities for people in need," said Eric. "The application is dedicated to courageous people who struggle every day to overcome their disabilities."


  • Assistive Speech Technology application
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application
  • Context analyzer: automatic correction based on context
  • Multilingual support - 13 major languages
  • Male or female voice
  • Adaptive learning of the user writing patterns
  • Cursive, PRINT, and mixEd handwriting style recognition
  • Use of simple finger gestures to insert special characters such as space and return.
  • Alternative keyboard input


  • WIFI or 3G/LTE (cellular) connection is required
  • In-App purchase is required to install language packages - English(US/UK) is included
  • While all features are available on iPhone we recommend using it as a supplement to iPad/iPad Mini version due to iPhone smaller screen size.

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