Softline Keyboard Rest

The softest and most comfortable keyboard rest-Softline is of Scandinavian design from Finland.
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This cost-effective Softline keyboard rest is made from soft and tactile materials, these rests help to create a comfortable and neutral hand-to-arm posture. The foam padding eliminates the hang creasing which can occur with the gel rests.
The Softline 700mm keyboard rest is 240mm (pad is 80mm) deep making it suitable for use with an enhanced keyboard. The wrist position is maximised where a compact keyboard is used. E.g. Posturite and Goldtouch.

The longer 700mm rest is perfect as a combined keyboard and mouse pad. The fibre pad section slides under the keyboard and provides stability and if needed a small overhang at the front of the desk to slightly increase the distance from the screen.

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Softline Keyboard Rest 490mm

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Softline Keyboard Rest 700mm

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