Pixon Project Kit

Pixon is a low-tech manual communication board program which uses a unique symbol set created as a language generating system. The icons, or 'Pixons', are a unique combination of Minspeak icons and Single Meaning Pictures (such as PEC or PCS).

The program promotes provision of access to 50 to 200+ permanently available, high frequency, re-usable core words. In total, there are 4000 Pixons available for language generation!

Pixon is a fantastic communication and language strategy and works as:
  • a stand-alone low-tech communication system
  • a complement & back-up system to a high-tech speech generating device.
  • a teaching tool to teach language concepts prior to transitioning to a high-tech speech generating device.

The Pixon concept is a joint venture combining the efforts of Bruce Baker (Semantic Compaction Systems) and a group of speech pathologists, educators and occupational therapists from around the world, including the renowned Gail Van Tatenhove.
Pixon focuses on the use of simple, manual communication boards with single meaning pictures that could be used to build a solid language foundation prior to the introduction of robust, personal, speech generating devices.  The materials they developed evolved into the Pixon Project Kit.
With Pixon, you can design and produce a range of manual communication boards that can be modified and used with children and/or adults with complex communication needs.

The Pixon Project Kit  includes all of the following items:

  • Pixon Picture Set CD
The Pixon Picture Set CD is an exciting new set of single meaning pictures that blend Minspeak icons with drawing conventions used in other picture sets (such as PCS pictures).  Over 1800 Pixons are available in BMP and Boardmaker format.  The CD contains a variety of support and re-producable materials including:

  •  The Pixon icon set
  •  The Pixon Language & Learning Activity Notebook
  •  Pre-made Manual Communication Boards
  •  Educational & Environmental Teaching Materials

Pixon Language and Learning Activity Notebook
The Pixon Language and Learning Activity Notebook (The PLLAN) contains a thorough description of Pixon Project materials and is your PLAN for implementing the Pixon materials.

Pixon Manual Communication Boards
A set of sample boards are included that use Pixons.  They can be used out-of-the-box if the design matches the skills and abilities of the person you are supporting with complex communication needs.  The simplest board in the Pixon Project Kit has 20 locations with 25 words.  The most robust laptray-style manual communication board provided has 198 locations with access to 212 words, grammar markers, and word altering strategies.

A Portable Cloth Folder complete with Pixon symbols
Provides space for over 300 words in 1 inch targets.  Boards have been designed for individuals with a range of sensory and motor skills, including low vision and eye gaze needs.

Pixon Education and Environmental Materials
The Pixon Project team developed a sample set of educational and environmental materials designed to help implement core (and supplemental and extended) vocabulary in the classroom and home.  Teachers and therapists can produce pre-designed tutoring props to reinforce PIXON concepts.

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