uTalk Maori

uTalk gives you the key words you need and a fast, scientific way of remembering them.
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Unlike a phrasebook or translator, this beginners app hardwires basic spoken Māori into your brain so that it feels like your first language.

WHAT you learn
Learning fewer words which trip off the tongue like your own language is far better than learning heaps that aren't there when you want them, so uTalk focusses on the basics – 275 of the words and phrases you're most likely to need including how to order a drink, find a chemist and ask for an aspirin! Plus food, phrases, colours, numbers, shopping and more.

HOW it works
This interactive product is the result of extensive research into how the brain learns fastest. It uses:
  • Images – to stimulate both halves of our brains, visual as well as logical.
  • Fun quizzes – because we remember best what we’re interested in.
  • Speech, recording and playback – to perfect your accent by comparing with native speakers.
  • A point scoring system – that gives feedback on progress and rewards success.

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