Bath Time Bubbles

The second app in the Talking with Baby series by Marsha Peterson is a story about bath time for parents and children to learn sign language, illustrated like a children's book with beautiful watercolor artwork by Shawn McCann.
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Children can communicate with signing long before their speech physiology is fully developed, and children with speech or hearing impairments can more easily communicate with signing.

The parent or older sibling reads the story to the child. Each story contains a core vocabulary of around 20 words that are highlighted in color with a visual symbol of the word in American Sign Language (ASL). Tapping the symbol brings up a full screen video of the ASL sign being performed by a Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher. Concentrating on a few words per day, the parent and child learn the signs in a very short time.

Before you know it, you'll experience the joy of Talking with Baby!

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