Mini Mobile Phones

Styled like smart-phones for realistic role play with a built in record function and bright colours. Up to three pairs of children can speak to each other simultaneously, each having their own conversation without the need to select different channels.

  • Simple to use, they are ideal for outdoor play or even used from room to room. Colour co-ordinated buttons make ‘dialling’ easy.
  • Simply press the button that corresponds to the phone you want to call.
  • Children can talk together naturally and enjoy real conversation without pressing extra buttons to talk or listen.
  • Supplied with docking station which will charge your phones in 4 hours (from flat), enabling continuous use for up to 6 hours.

    “We've made sure that these resources are durable and above all safe. With some walkie-talkies, especially those designed for use in a more industrial setting by adults, ringers and even earpiece volume can reach harmful levels to small ears. We have made sure that our Mini Mobile Phones conform strictly to toy safety regulations, giving you peace of mind that we've done everything we can to safeguard your children”. – TTS Ltd.

    Dimensions: Mini Mobile Phone L12.5 x W6.5 x D1.5 cm. Docking station L18 x W12 x D3cm.

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