Kidspiration Maps for iPad

Colorful and constructive: with Kidspiration Maps, students create visual maps that build reading, writing and thinking skills.
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Kidspiration Maps helps young readers and writers in grades K-5 learn to organize and classify information, gain sight word knowledge and expand their ideas into written and verbal expression. By creating story maps, Venn diagrams, and webs, students visualize what they are learning, improving their understanding and comprehension. Tap to transform visual diagrams into text - perfect for pre-writing. Use Kidspiration Maps to:

  • Support reading comprehension
  • Organize thoughts and topics for writing
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Sort and classify information
  • Organize projects
  • Engage students with built-in activities in reading, writing, social studies, science and math


  • Friendly design developed specifically for iPad
  • Diagrams are easy to build - and save instantly
  • Create an unlimited number of documents
  • Includes symbol library with 1400+ images
  • Picture-to-Text conversion: transforms visual representations into written words
  • SuperGrouperâ„¢: helps teach students to sort, group and classify objects and ideas
  • Audio notes: students or teachers can append audio to any symbol, or record verbal instructions
  • Share files with other apps on your iPad, such as Pages
  • Share files with other iPads via Dropbox, email or iTunes
  • Dozens of activities are included

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