The Journey Through

Ideas for getting through tough times

This stylish, colourful, graphic-rich, single edition youth magazine is specifically written for New Zealand young people who are facing tough times, or to support others
they know. It is written with honesty and frankness, and tackles difficult issues teens may face that can cause change, trauma, loss and grief in their lives. It’s designed to help readers understand, process and manage their tough experiences as positively as possible. It features true stories, quotes and the writing of NZ teens themselves.

The strengths of this magazine:
  • Colourful photos and graphics to engage young people
  • Honest and straight talking
  • Strong self care and personal safety messages
  • Encourages readers to choose suggestions that will suit them best
  • Features stories, comments and writing of NZ teens about their real life tough times and ways to get through them
  • Includes questions to get readers thinking about their own lives
  • Helps readers learn ways to face tough times and get through them as well as possible
  • Well tested and reviewed by a range of NZ young people, and by professionals working with youth in New Zealand.

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