Memories Matter

A card set of ideas and activities for all ages to remember someone special who has died

Skylight recognises that when someone who is loved and cared about dies, remembering them is very important. The memories we have of people who have died are
like a bridge that links us to them. They help us to make sure that we never forget them, or the special place they have in our lives. Skylight has developed this unique and engaging pack of cards to help bereaved people of all ages to remember and celebrate the life of someone who has died. Using wonderful colours and innovative ideas,
the 49 cards feature many different ‘memory’ ideas and activities for people of all ages - children, young people, adults, families or groups of friends. People can pick and choose the memory ideas that suit them, or share the ideas with others as well. It’s a very uplifting support tool.

The Memories Matter card pack uses the seven colours of the rainbow and each of the rainbow colours have a different remembering theme. In turn, each theme has seven different cards of ideas and activity suggestions.

Benefits of this unique support resource:
  • can be used by all ages
  • can be used by individuals or groups
  • is respectful of different cultures and backgrounds
  • uses everyday things to make and record memories
  • offers such a wide range of options, there’s something for everyone
  • helps trigger people’s own ideas as well.

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