Injini: Child Development Game Suite

Developed by experts and endorsed by parents and teachers, Injini’s collection of learning games offers meaningful play to young children, especially toddlers and preschoolers with cognitive, language, and fine motor delays.
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The games contain an extraordinary wealth of content: 10 feature games with 90 puzzles, over 100 beautiful illustrations, 8 farm-themed mini-games and more. Injini is ideally suited for early intervention - it brings fun to learning and at the same time practices children’s fine motor and language skills, understanding of cause and effect, spatial awareness, memory and visual processing.

Inspired by children with special needs, Injini's game developers worked for two years with parents, early childhood educators, and occupational, speech, and cognitive experts to create superior play-based learning experiences that help young children reach developmental milestones. The games were designed for and tested with children with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and various developmental delays, as well as typically developing preschoolers - they love it too!

10 learning games for children with special needs

  • Designed for school and home use
  • Educational discounts
  • Intuitive game design promotes independent play
  • Child-friendly level advancement – no-penalty philosophy
  • Printable supplements, tips, and support available at
Injini Games

  • Balloons: Learn colors and shapes while practicing auditory and visual processing skills
  • Farm: 8 mini games that cultivate curiosity and responsibility
  • Find It: Practice and improve auditory processing and visual discrimination
  • Frog: Improve prewriting skills by feeding the hungry frog
  • Letters: Develops capital and lowercase letter and phonemic awareness
  • Matching: Tap the matching picture card to make a pair
  • Pattern: Tap the correct picture card to complete the pattern
  • Puzzle: Put the puzzles together to develop cognitive and fine motor skills
  • Squares: Tap the squares in the order that they were highlighted
  • Tracing: Move the ball along the path to trace the shapes

Injini Features

  • Subtle level changes support different stages of development
  • Short tutorials model how to play each game
  • Help button gives hints to boost confidence
  • Clearly defined game starts and endings for a distinct learning experience
  • Superb artwork, music and real voice files

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