Creative Mix

Puzzles and creative games for early years, and an amazing multimedia story making activity with animation, sound and video options.

Creative Mix is one part of Early Years Mix, a comprehensive software suite for early learners with three levels of difficulty. Creative Mix is available to buy separately.

Creative Mix has nine activities including cause and effect, odd one out, making things the same, puzzles and a fantastic multimedia story maker.

Belong together (1) - Two pieces of a picture belong together. Drag one picture from the bottom row to the top.

Belong together (2) - match the objects.

Odd one out - A number of categorized objects and an odd one out are shown. There are categories such as animals, flowers, vehicles, etc...

Make them the same - Two pictures are shown. Various details have been removed from one of them. The child must look at the original picture to replace the missing objects, making the two pictures the same.

Who's there? - This is a cause and effect exercise. Press and something happens. Many different environments and things that happen!

Scratch - Move the mouse over the image to clear the black and see a picture emerge. When it is fully visible it will animate.

Painting book - An extensive paint program with many features including free drawing, draw with ready-made backgrounds and finished stamps, animated stamps, add text, insert your own images, brush size can be selected, stamp size can be selected, create a short "movie" or multi-scene story.

Puzzle - Beautiful images as a basis for puzzle. Click on two pieces of the puzzle and they will swap position. Good brain training.

Memory - Twelve different types of memory game with sound effects and images.

Creative Mix is available in both school site licence and home user versions.


The program can be used with a mouse or a touch screen. The "Who's there?" cause and effect activity can also be played with switches or the keyboard (Space or Enter).


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

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