Reading Monster Town 1

Start Reading Monster Town for fun and happy reading! Reading Monster Town has interactive word/sentence games for better understanding stories and reviewing the words and sentence structures. Various stories with these games in Reading Monster Town guide English reading beginners(young learns) to a enjoyable journey of reading.

★ Reading Monster Town’s Target Learners
- Children starting to read in English
- Children from K-5 to G-2.

★ Reading Monster Town’s Characteristics
- All the story topics are from the preschool and elementary school curricula.
- Captivating illustrations attract learners’ attentions to fun and easy reading.
- Fun word games with their pronunciations and illustrations help students grasp the words’ spelling and meanings in an effective and efficient way.
-Sentence building up games help students comprehend different kinds of sentence structures.

★ Reading Monster Town’s Components
- Fiction and non-fiction passages from Level 1 to 8.
- Containing 6 stories, word games and sentence games in each level

★ Reading Monster Town’s story topics
- Reading Monster Town 1
♧ Unit 1&2: My Family and I
♧ Unit 3&4: Growing Up
♧ Unit 5&6: Weather

Reading Monster Town 1 and 2 cover a variety of topics that help kindergarteners and lower graders understand themselves, family, and neighbors. With simple and easy topics, the young learners can have a better understanding of themselves.
Enjoy reading in English with the amazing Reading Monster Town Application, which offers reading and listening at the same time!

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