Clicker Books for iPad

Clicker Books is an engaging book creation tool suitable for primary school pupils across the ability spectrum.
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A great way for children to demonstrate their knowledge of a particular subject or put together their very own talking storybook!

Child-friendly book making

Pupils use the child-friendly tools to add pictures, text and sound to create fantastic-looking books. As you’d expect with a Crick Software app, customisable reading and writing support is included to help children of all abilities achieve success. In addition, you can put together pre-prepared books for pupils to complete - these may contain word or picture banks to support children as they create their books.

Teacher-friendly tools
As well as being a wonderful app for helping children to create their own books, Clicker Books provides you with an easy way to create personalised reading books for your learners. Tailor the subject matter and comprehension level to pupils’ particular learning needs and objectives.

Customisable writing support

As they write, children benefit from key Clicker support features including realistic speech feedback, intelligent word prediction and a talking spellchecker. Watch your pupils’ confidence grow as they create flowing, grammatically-correct text with accurate spelling and more adventurous vocabulary.

Flexible illustration tools

Clicker Books enables children to illustrate their work in a variety of ways. Pupils can upload images from the camera roll, use the camera to take a photograph or create their own pictures using the integrated painting tools. You can paint on top of any images added too!

Opportunities to listen and record

When children have completed their text, they can click on the speech button to listen to what they have written. Alternatively, they can record their own speech – an opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills, elaborate on a particular point or simply make a note of their initial thoughts to refer to during the writing process!

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