iFaraday Stylus

Glides smoothly across the screen - won't scratch or leave a mess

  • requires only the lightest touch, just enough to provide tactile feedback
  • pliable, symmetrical tip functions at any angle
  • cleans your screen of fingerprints
  • firm enough to press an iPhone switch
  • works with, or without, a screen protector
  • works with gloves.

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Picture of iFaraday SALT
iFaraday SALT
(Shallow Angle, Light Touch Capacitive Stylus)

Developed for people with hand or wrist injuries, may also be used by anyone who holds the pen at an angle of less than 45 degrees.

  • Extremely light touch (approx 1 gram to activate touch)
  • Tip diameter greater than the barrel, permitting very shallow grip angles
  • Symmetrical tip shape; any part of the tip acts as the active surface
  • Extended barrel length (7") permits full grip with hand outside field of view
  • Protective sleeve at tip protects barrel contacting touch screen
Picture of iFaraday Caduceus
iFaraday Caduceus
The Caduceus accommodates a wide variety of disabilities. Developed for hand and wrist impairments, it can also serve as a mouth stick. The shaft is bendable yet strong, enabling it to be custom fitted for gripping or attaching. People who otherwise cannot use capacitive touch screens may be enabled by this stylus.

  • Lightweight
  • Bendable
  • Replaceable Tip
  • Soft plastic barrel sleeve

Standard length is 15" Weight: 20 grams.
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