Sound Literacy is an instructional tool for tutors and teachers.
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Sound Literacy provides a teacher, tutor, speech therapist, or parent a tool for enhancing literacy lessons. Sound Literacy 2.0 gives maximum flexibility to customize the tile sets to match the needs of a particular curriculum or an individual student. Sound Literacy is not a game. It is not programmed with an auto correct feature nor is it created to take the place of an instructor. It is intended to be an instructional tool that facilitates interaction between a teacher/tutor and a student. Skills and concepts must be guided by an instructor. 

Sound Literacy can be used in conjunction with any curriculum that emphasizes phonemic awareness, phonological processing, or morphemic word building.

Sound Literacy features: 

• Blank tiles for counting, ordering, and manipulating the graphemes or any other word part
• Tiles organized in pantries and ready to be pulled onto the workspace for reading and spelling words 
• Elkonin boxes can be added to hold tiles in place
• Six specially designed ladders for building and comparing phonemes or spellings
• Consonant and vowel phoneme maps 
• Popovers on the sound maps indicate various ways to spell each phoneme; spellings are ordered from the most common to the least common

Use Sound Literacy to enhance any word study program!

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