Panther Writer

Four innovative keyboards for more efficient typing. Great for anyone looking for a different keyboard - and particularly for people with disabilities.
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Panther Writer offers four newly designed and highly innovative keyboards designed to improve access and efficiency for typing in many situations. The keyboards are particularly powerful for individuals with disabilities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, stroke and other conditions which affect motor control.

Keyboards include:

  • Basic Plus: a small variation on basic keyboard organization with features such as hold times, different alphabets, etc.
  • Tom's Keyboard: a powerful new layout that feels familiar, yet makes the keys you need most easier to hit
  • Mini Touch: a keyboard that's smaller, for people who have trouble moving their fingers a distance.
  • Vertical Fall: a new concept for people who have severe disabilities. Just drag your finger along the bottom of the iPad and the letters and symbols come to you!

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