Liberator Rugged 7

Liberator announces an entirely new product concept, a new breed of device designed and built for the rigors of the field, with resistance to Water, Dust, Scratches and Drops (with a proof rating of IP 66 the internal frame is able to withstand a 1.2 metre drop at any angle)
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Liberator Rugged 7 comes with a 7" screen and weighs only 740g. The capacitive touchscreen is accessible by finger touch or an included stylus.

It has a unique design that allows for configurable orientation of landscape or portrait. Its dimensions are 20x13x4cms which makes it easy to hold. A stand and handle are built into the design and also configurable for each orientation.
FeaturesDesigned for individuals who will primarily be using symbols for communication, the Liberator Rugged 7 has keyboard pages for spelling, and are "open" systems, meaning you can also run other Android applications on these devices.  For individuals with existing or emerging literacy skills this model comes with 10,000, 30,000 and 60,000 word dictionaries.

Numerous keyboard pages with and without spelling prediction are included in the pre-stored vocabulary files.

The Liberator Rugged 7 also includes abbreviation-expansion, a feature that allows you to encode a word, phrase or sentence under a short sequence of letters, and also provide the capability to load and save text files.
Dedicated Option - Dedicated devices are devices that can only be used as communication devices, i.e. no other applications can be run on the devices. Please specify this option at time of ordering if needed.  If in the future after purchase you require the device to be changed from dedicated to non-dedicated or vice-versa, just contact us and we can organise this change for you at no cost. 

Speech Options

The Liberator Rugged 7 comes with 2 speech engines, Acapela and Ivona.

Acapela is a Text-to-Speech engine option available for NOVA chat.
  • 1 Australian Voice;
  • Tyler:  AUS Male
  • 11 English Voices;
  • Graham: UK Male
  • Peter: UK Male
  • Ryan:  US Male
  • Nizareng UK Male
  • Lucy: UK Female
  • Heather: US Female
  • Laura: US Female
  • Rachel: UK Female
  • Tracy: US Female
  • Kenny: US Boy (child)
  • Nelly: US Girl (child)
  • Ivona - IVONA Text to Speech prides themselves with leading the field with natural voice quality and inflection.
  • 2 Australian voices;
  • Russell:  AUS Male
  • Nicole:  AUS Female
  • 8 English voices:
  • Joey: US Male
  • Kendra: US Female
  • Kimberly: US Female
  • Salli: US Teen Female
  • Ivy: US Child
  • Brian: UK Male
  • Amy: UK Female
  • Emma: UK Female
Standard Vocabulary Files

Saltillo has updated the user interface of their Chat software. Included are new features for sharing text with other applications and social networks. This Social Chat feature allows text generated by Chat pages to be sent to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. AACelerate with myVoice is a unique new suite of AAC vocabulary sets for the Chat family targeting the communication needs of a broad spectrum of individuals. This collection, which is intuitively woven into several different core vocabulary sets and phrase-based sets, incorporates the AAC vocabulary research of Dr. David Beukelman, Dr. Diane Bryen and Barbara Collier. The AACelerate suite includes the myCore and myQuickChat vocabulary files.
myCore is a combination of core and phrase based vocabulary geared toward individuals with literacy skills.

myQuickChat is an introductory communication system geared toward individuals with complex communication needs. it offers a high frequency, phrase-based communication system in an easy-to-use, yet very engaging format. The progressive system offers a variety of topics for everyday needs and conversation and provides immediate and more successful communication exchanges within a variety of settings. myQuickChat is available for both children and adults in 4, 8 and 12 locations, each with an identical 16 location Support Master Home Page.


ChatPower is a word-based vocabulary that is used to create sentences 'on the fly.'  ChatPower was developed by Nancy L. Inman, M.A.T., CCC-SLP.  Nancy is widely known in the field of AAC for her work in developing, implementing and teaching word-based vocabulary programs. ChatPower uses high-frequency core words to facilitate quick and easy sentence generation. It also includes nouns and adjectives that are organized in logical categories.  Grammatical word classes have been included.  As a sentence is being built, you often find that the next word you want to say can be spoken with one or two button presses.  A spelling/word prediction page is used to spell words that are not included in the vocabulary set. Being a word-based vocabulary, ChatPower can be used by a wide age group.  Nouns, adjectives and verbs can be added and customized to meet the particular needs of the individual.  Literacy skills are necessary to use ChatPower, as picture support has only been provided for picture producing words. ChatPower is provided in a 20, 24, 30, 42, 48 and 80 button page layout. Click here to link to Saltillo's site for video of Nancy Inman, the creator of Word Power and ChatPower talking about the different ChatPower vocab files. 

ChatPower 20 incorporates carrier phrases with core words for quick and easy language generation and therefore, could be called a “hybrid,” because it can be used primarily as a phrase-based system, or as a word-based system.  It was designed for users with motor disabilities and access issues, those with vision impairment that need large cells and print, cognitively and severely language disabled individuals who benefit from phrases to assist with quick language generation, and those who have scanning access needs.

ChatPower 24 is a word-based vocabulary that allows for easy intuitive communication.  The program has been designed specifically for this portable and readily available platform.  It is a generative language system that will be familiar to those using WordPower on other systems, and easy to learn for new users.

ChatPower 24 with Phrases is also a word-based vocabulary program, but phrases and sentences starters have been incorporated in order to make language generation easier for those that may have difficulty with a word-based program.  Core language and category-based words are included in this program.

ChatPower 30 is a modified version of ChatPower24, but it includes an extra column on every page.  The extra column includes designated buttons for clear, delete word, smart period, and plural –s.  It is a word-based vocabulary that was designed to be an easy and intuitive generative language system.  This vocabulary is configured to work with a keyguard and with scanning. 

ChatPower 42 is a word-based vocabulary that allows for easy and intuitive communication.  ChatPower42 is a generative language system that will be familiar to those using WordPower on other systems, and easy to learn for new users.

ChatPower 42 Basic is a simplified version of ChatPower42.  This word-based system remains rich in core vocabulary, and it may be appropriate for beginning users or those that need a more basic vocabulary design.  It is designed to make communication fast and easy.

ChatPower 48 is a modified version of ChatPower42, but it includes an extra column on every page.  The extra column includes designated buttons for clear, smart period, delete word, and plural –s.  It is a word-based vocabulary that was designed to be an easy and intuitive generative language system.  This vocabulary is configured to work with a keyguard and with scanning

ChatPower 80 is a vocabulary consisting of high-frequency core words, spelling and word prediction, all on the main page.  It also includes the category-based pages contained in all other versions of the vocabulary.  With this setup, the user can use core words in the same sentences without moving to a separate page to spell.  This vocabulary is configured to work with a keyguard and with scanning.

A Basic 4 Location file has also been added for those needing minimal targets.

Essence is the first commercial offering of the Essence family of vocabulary programs developed by Prentke Romich Company. This new series is specifically designed for adults with acquired speech disorders. The heart of the Essence vocabulary consists of a spelling keyboard with word prediction that also allows quick access to hundreds of commonly used phrases and sentences.
The home page of Essence contains a spelling keyboard. If one starts to spell a word, the word prediction area expands to offer up to nine predicted words at a time. Morphology buttons allow you to change word forms with a single button press. The home page also contains quick links to pages of commonly used phrases for communicating with those you regularly interact within your family and community. Other pages contain commonly used vocabulary that may be needed for a visit to the doctor, using public transportation, going out to eat, etc. Each page is completely customizable to meet the specific vocabulary needs of each individual. This program takes advantage of the word prediction program which gives the option of a 10,000, 30,000 or 60,000 word prediction engine. The visual scene capabilities allow photos to easily be imported to assist in telling a story.
The portability of the Liberator Rugged 7 along with the vocabulary of Essence combine to create a communication solution that can be taken wherever you go - and contain the vocabulary to engage people when you get there.
MultiChat 15

MultiChat 15 is offered in a Student and Adult version.  There are multiple forms of communication available in this program; sentences, phrases, individual words, recordings for story-telling and visual scenes. Also included are interactive play and reading pages, social pages and a News-2-You starter page for the weekly newspaper's vocabulary.  There are symbols on every button with the exclusion of several core words.

VocabPC was designed by Gail Van Tatenhove, PA, MS, CCC-SLP, for adults and adolescents with developmental disabilities. Vocabulary in VocabPC is arranged as carrier phrases, interactive sentences, activity vocabulary and naming words. VocabPC uses a 12 location page layout. The included manual contains customizing hints, teaching strategies, flashcards and vocabulary documentation.
Symbols Sets

The Liberator Rugged 7 includes both Symbolstix and PCS Symbols.

PCS symbols are very popular in classrooms and clinics throughout the world. These symbols have been created by Mayer-Johnson and are used in Mayer-Johnson's BoardMaker and Speaking Dynamically applications. Several thousand symbols represent vocabulary for a wide variety of school, home and work activities.
SymbolStix is a dynamic symbol set created by N2Y for use in its Internet weekly newspaper, News-2-You, and its new online curriculum, Unique Learning System. Generic activities and persons are depicted as lively, vibrant stick Figures - stick figures with "an attitude." (Actual persons incorporated in SymbolStix are drawn as easily recognizable characterizations.) The current suite includes over 4,000 individual drawings/icons.
For more information on SymbolStix, visit theSymbolStix website.
Sling Bag Accessory Included
  •  The adjustable Vecro strap allows you to set your bag in the most comfortable position, according to your height
  •  The inside compartment is very well padded
  •  The inside accessory pocket is roomy enough to hold extra accessories
  •  The bag features a hanger tab
General Features

  •  7" (18cm) high resolution screen; Direct Touch Access Only
  •  Word Prediction
  •  Abbreviation Expansion
  •  SymbolStix™ and PCS™ symbols are both included
  •  Social Chat shares text easily with Facebook and Twitter
  •  Improved file transferring (more stable/quicker transfers)
  •  Compatible with Desktop Chat Editor suite (CD) included
  •  Vocabulary files for both literate and emerging literate clients
  •  Acapela and Ivona speech engines with Aussie Voices
  •  Based upon military-specifications (MIL-STD-810G/Method516.6/Procedure IV standard) and with a proof rating of IP 66
  •  In-built Phone capabilities (SIM required)
  •  Android Operating System
  •  Battery - Up to 10 hours normal AAC use
  •  Front and Rear Cameras
  •  In-built Wi-Fi
  •  Colour options available - orange, olive green or grey
  •  Carry Case (sling bag) included
  •  Size: 20x13x4 cms
  •  Weight: 740gms
  •  1 year warranty
Product Weight - 740g
Dimensions - 20x13x4cm
Display Size - 18 cm
Battery Life - more than 10 hours (with typical AAC usage)

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