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Advanced in-context word prediction and spoken feedback
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Write better with more confidence and independence

WordQ 5 supports elementary and secondary students by offering practical strategies that take advantage of state-of-the-art word prediction, speech feedback, proofreading, enhanced topical web searches, and other unique technologies. This supports current UDL environments recognizing the importance of pedagogy and integration of assistive technology. Teachers/instructors can focus on helping students work and learn more independently—making them effective writers in the long run.

Whether you’re someone with learning difficulties, an ESL student trying to write in English as well as you do in your first language, a person looking to add an edge to their professional writing in the workplace, or just someone who knows that your reading an writing skills could use some assistance, WordQ can help! From research prompts to word prediction and having your writing read back to you, this leading edge assistive technology software helps you through the reading and writing process without doing all the work for you.

WordQ 5 Pro enhances Post Secondary and Business writing by offering practical strategies that take advantage of state-of-the-art word prediction, speech feedback, proofreading, enhanced topical web searches, and other unique technologies. Using advanced vocabulary with a professional-level background prediction using multi-disciplinary dictionary of 110,000 linguistically aligned words and phrases WordQ 5 Pro can greatly enhance your post secondary or business writing.

Key Features and Benefits

Advanced word prediction helps with spelling and grammar using three levels of vocabulary with a background prediction dictionary of 80,000 linguistically aligned words and phrases appropriate for elementary and secondary schools; profanity and bias-free.
  •  Easy-to-use interface supports offline writing across desktop applications.
  •  High-quality speech feedback allows students to hear what they write in a clear and pleasant voice to immediately capture mistakes independently.
  •  Proofreading mode guides students to readily find and correct spelling and grammar mistakes.
  •  *NEW* Dynamic topics with integrated ThoughtQ technology helps students research and write about an unfamiliar topic.
  •  *NEW (Windows only)* Speech recognition with integrated SpeakQ technology supports students who have difficulty with conventional dictation software.
  •  *NEW and FREE* ReaderQ Chrome browser extension guides students to actively read, take notes and paraphrase while working with web pages, and helps reduce plagiarism.
  •  *NEW WordQ PDF is an application within WordQ 5 that allows students to open PDF documents for accessible reading and writing. In addition to general reading of a PDF document, students can fill out forms, and complete   assignments and tests that are provided in PDF format with the full functionality of WordQ working for them. 

The much anticipated update to WordQ 5 is here!

A year ago, the team here at Quillsoft asked our users a question; “what one thing would you add to or change about WordQ?” The responses flooded in and they were shockingly similar. WordQ users the world over, whether they were; students, advocates, teachers, people that require assistive technology in the work place, or our own Quillsoft Ambassadors, told us that what WordQ was missing was a way to use it when working with a PDF.

Users like you asked, and the Quillsoft team listened. We are thrilled to announce that WordQ PDF for Windows is now available in a Free update to WordQ 5. Whether you are hoping to use WordQ PDF to take tests or complete assignments in class, or to fill out forms at work or at home, we’ve got you covered. WordQ PDF within WordQ 5 has all the functionality of WordQ – word prediction, speech feedback, definitions, and more.

Are you a Mac user? Not to worry, WordQ PDF is coming soon to WordQ 5 for Mac and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s here.

How do I run an update on my version of WordQ 5?

Here are the simple steps to follow to update your existing version of WordQ 5
  •  Open WordQ on your computer and make sure that you're connected to the internet.
  •  Click on the Options button in the top left corner of your WordQ 5 toolbar.
  •  Hover over the Help dropdown menu.
  •  Click Check for Updates. This will take you to a WordQ website.
  •  Now all you need to do is click Download Update and follow the instructions.

System requirements:

Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10
Mac OS 10.8 or higher 

Important Note on Mac Compatibility

WordQ for Mac is a 32-Bit application and is currently NOT compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina. Catalina requires all software to be a 64-Bit application or it simply will not run on the new O/S. If you are running Catalina or you upgrade to Catalina, your WordQ for Mac will not work.

A 64-bit version of WordQ 5 for Mac is being developed but it will not be ready for some time.

Current 32-bit editions of WordQ will continue to operate with Apple’s previous operating systems (10.9 Mavericks to 10.14 Mojave).

To download the WordQ PDF user guide, click here

For information on WordQ for Chromebooks, please click here. For iPads, please click here. WordQ is not available on Android. 

To download a trial copy of WordQ 5, please follow this link

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