AbleNet's Action Dictionary

The Action Dictionary is a reference guide to alternative solutions that support student actions when adaptations are required for communicating, moving, learning, and/or generally engaging in the classroom

The solutions and recommendations found in the Action Dictionary are designed for students with cognitive and physical challenges yet other students may benefit from these adaptations as well. The end result is universal design in action: Access for all students. 

How it is Organized
Action words like SPEAK, LOOK, CHOOSE are key to both engaging and gauging how students are understanding the instruction being presented by educators.  AbleNet has identified these various action words to create a dictionary that provides tools and techniques for different approaches to engaging students around a particular action.  Each of these words is listed alphabetically in the Action Dictionary along with three or four assistive technology solutions designed to maximize learning and participation when adaptations are needed. For each action word, you will find a description, instructor directions, and how the student uses the technology.

To locate an action word quickly, use the table of contents. For words that have similar meaning, you will find they have been cross-referenced to their counterparts in the table of contents.

Creative Ideas and Solutions
A variety of materials and solutions are included in the Action Dictionary. Although an effort has been made to include adaptations for as many students as possible, it is not possible to cover every situation or need. It is expected the solutions provided will adequately address your students’ needs or give you a starting point from which you can design your own solution for your student’s unique situation.

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