Spokeman Voice Amplifier

For people with low speech volume, this compact amplifier greatly assists communication.

It produces a surprisingly loud and clear output from such a neat and small unit.  It comes with microphone that rests comfortably and securely over the ears.

The compact Spokeman can be worn using its shoulder strap or it can be attached to your belt.

The Spokeman also with rechargeable batteries that charge within the device.  The batteries will last all day with normal usage and the Spokeman can be left on charge over night without fear of overcharging.

The Spokeman microphone is mounted on a comfortable "over the ears" headset.  This keeps the microphone at an optimum distance from the mouth to pick up a soft voice adequately without the need for a cumbersome and heavy headband.  There are 2 optional microphones that can be purchased separately: a headset microphone and a lapel microphone.

Size:     8.5 x 8.5 x 3.5cm
Weight:    220g

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SKU: MA-2800
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