Ribbon Switch

The Ribbon switch is a moisture-resistant switch that is activated by moving the 4 x 0.3-in/10.2 x 5-cm activation surface in either direction with 4-oz/110-g of force. Provides tactile feedback.

Activated by bending in either direction. Soft to the touch and moisture resistant.

Ribbon switch technical specifications:

  • Switch Type: Mechanical
  • Connection Type: Wired
  • Activation Type: Lever
  • Activation Surface: 4 x 0.3-in/10.2 x 5-cm diameter
  • Activating Force: 4-oz/110-g
  • Travel Before Activation: 10-degrees deflection
  • Feedback: Tactile
  • Plug Size: 1/8-in/3.5-mm mono
  • Mounting Plate: Ribbon Switch Mounting Plate

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