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Predictable is a text based AAC app
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Predictable is an exciting text-to-speech application for the Android 4.0 or later platform, offers customizable AAC functions with the latest social media integration, setting a new benchmark for the Android platform. Using a word prediction engine and head mouse access, Predictable meets the needs of a wide range of AAC users, including those with MND / ALS, Cerebral Palsy and people with communication difficulties after a stroke or head injury.Predictable Android brings premium assistive communication features and experiences from its well-received iPhone and iPad application to a greater range of users.

Priced so that a broad range of users can afford communication assistance applications whilst marking two major mobile platform solutions available from TBoxApps. Predictable on the Android platform, is accessible a range of joystick and mouse emulators, for increased accessibility for people with significant physical disabilities (limited mobility) and ‘touch anymore mode’ where the whole screen of the tablet acts as a switch, with on-screen scanning.

An intelligent word prediction engine developed specifically to learn from users vocabulary that becomes more and more tailored to the user’s own way of speaking each time it is used. Predictable also saves frequently used phrases, saving time and adding automatic personalization. Users can choose how to be heard with a selection of nine customizable voices male or female in US, UK and Australian English and now voices directly from Google and Samsung for improved voice output!

To increase socialization and a sense of community and reverse isolation that can set in with those who need communication assistance, Predictable includes an in-app social media component, which allows users directly from Predictable to participate in popular social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter. Updating Facebook statuses directly from Predictable and send Tweets without having to leave the app. Not only is popular social media participation possible but also communication via sending emails composed and sent directly from Predictable.

Predictable on the Android Platform Features List:

• NEW! Access Samsung and Google's inbuilt voices for an improved communication experience
• NEW! Availability for Android 4.2 +
• Sophisticated word prediction engine that learns your vocabulary to influence the prediction options
• Saves your frequently used phrases in category folders
• Use with a head mouse or other mouse emulator, with built in dwell capability to eliminate the need for “clicking”.
• Use the whole screen as a Switch during “scanning” mode (“Touch Anywhere” mode)
• Choice of voices (including US English, British English, Australian English)
• View your recently used phrases in “History” view
• Update Facebook (direct access mode only)
• Update Twitter (directly access mode only)
• Compose and send E-mails
• Add Emoticons to add laughter, crying or whistling to your message
• Choose to Publish option for 1:1 discrete conversations
• Adjust the pronunciation of the words to suit your needs/accent.
• Option of auditory feedback for all keys and buttons in Predictable, (this is useful for those who need audio confirmation e.g. visually impaired or those with dyslexia)
• Use the “Clear” button to delete the last letter, the last word or the entire message.
• Increase efficiency and mark favourites for quick access to prioritized phrases
• Easy copy and paste
• Alert bell – to get attention
• Abbreviation expansion
• First sophisticated AAC app for Android
• Optimized for Samsung Tablets on the Android platform

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