Nessy Reading & Spelling

Nessy Reading Spelling has been developed by a team of specialist teachers and psychologists to help children with dyslexia.
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– 100 structured lessons
– 100s of video strategies that explain the rules of English
– 1000s of printable worksheets and card games
– 100s of games to develop blending, phonemic awareness, reading speed, rhyming, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and spelling

  • Begins with assessments for reading and spelling.
  • Sets personalised learning targets aligned to ability.
  • Each child is learning exactly what they need to know, filling in the gaps in their knowledge.
  • Creates a baseline score that is used to measure progress.

Requires an Internet connection. Chrome is the recommended Internet browser for Android tablets, Windows and Mac computers. Safari is recommended for iPad.


Helping children with dyslexia since 1999
Developed at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre.
Used in 10,000 schools worldwide.
Winner of the Education Resources Award.

Nessy Reading is the most comprehensive online program for dyslexia.

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