Clicker 7 for Windows & Mac

The complete literacy toolkit. From planning, to writing, to proofing - Clicker includes all the tools your pupils need to succeed.

Windows and Mac only.
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The latest version of Clicker is more accessible, user-friendly and customisable than ever before. Clicker 7 helps every child to play an active role in their own learning and offers complete support throughout the writing process.

Clicker 7 is also available to purchase online at the AT Store:

What’s New in Clicker 7?

Clicker 7 makes it easier than ever for teachers to produce differentiated curriculum resources and create a classroom  of independent, enthusiastic learners.Clicker 7 builds on the worldwide success of its award-winning predecessors.  There’s even more writing support for pupils, and it’s easier than ever for teachers to provide personalised literacy support across the curriculum.

Clicker Board

Clicker users now have a built-in planning tool  to help them prepare for writing. Pupils manipulate and link words, pictures and sounds on their Clicker Board, and benefit from key Clicker support features as they work.

Voice Notes

Pupils can record their own Voice Notes before they write. This enables them to vocally rehearse their sentences, and offers a powerful way for children to capture their initial thoughts and ideas.

Children's Voices

Clicker’s brand new children’s voices give pupils the opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with. This realistic speech feedback encourages them to actively review and self-correct their work.

Easy Clicker Set Editing

Teachers love how easy it is to create Clicker Sets with the wizards we introduced in Clicker 6. Clicker 7 takes this one step further by using wizards for editing too, making it incredibly easy to customise Clicker Sets for different ability levels.

New Accessibility Options

We are committed to providing software that enables every student to access the curriculum and achieve success. In addition to streamlined switch access and full touch screen compatibility, we’ve added two exciting new access options to Clicker 7; eye gaze support and SuperKeys, our unique access method for learners who need bigger target areas.

Word Pool

What happens when children need to include unusual words or names in their writing? With Word Pool, you can add any word to Clicker’s knowledge base to ensure it’s pronounced properly by the speech engine, suggested by the predictor and accepted by the spellchecker. Word Pool is also a fantastic tool for targeted spelling interventions.

CrickPix Library

Clicker 7 includes an even bigger, broader library of over 3500 curriculum pictures. The library gives pupils easy access to relevant illustrations for their work, and teachers have a high quality bank of images at their fingertips to incorporate into Clicker activities.

Enhanced Word Prediction

Clicker 7 takes word prediction  to the next level; the suggestions are even more context sensitive, and teachers can now add new words to the bank to make it completely relevant to their specific learning content and school environment.

Use at Home

Give pupils access to a consistent level of literacy support at home and at school by investing in the Clicker 7 Site License. This enables Clicker to be installed  on all your school computers AND the home computers of your teachers, TAs and pupils.

Get Started Quickly

Get instant access to our Clicker 7 training materials via the Quick Start screen. Whether you’re familiar with Clicker or completely new to the software, our step-by-step videos and PDFs will help you get started quickly and become a confident Clicker user in no time!

Customisable tools

Clicker gives pupils of all abilities the tools they need to independently translate their thoughts and knowledge into coherent writing.

By selecting Clicker 7’s new Voice Notes tool, children will be able to record their own audio notes before they write. This is a great opportunity for children to vocally rehearse their sentences in preparation for writing, and a powerful way of recording initial ideas.

As children complete a sentence, Clicker’s new child's voice reads it aloud, giving them an opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with. This encourages pupils to actively review what they have written and correct any errors themselves. The speed and frequency of the speech feedback can be changed depending on each learner’s requirements.

Clicker’s intelligent word predictor suggests words that fit the context of the pupil’s writing, encouraging them to use more adventurous vocabulary. Children are able to create flowing pieces of text with accurate spelling and grammatically correct sentences. Set the predictor to whichever of the four levels best meets their needs, or create a customised level just for them.

What happens when your pupils need to include unusual words or names in their writing? Our new Word Pool tool lets you add new words to Clicker’s knowledge base, ensuring they’re picked up by the predictor and accepted by the spellchecker.

You can also define how each word will be pronounced by the speech engine and even add common misspellings, enabling you to tackle specific spelling patterns your pupils may be struggling with.

Picture support

Adding a creative dimension to writing activities helps children to actively engage with the task at hand. Pupils can use the built-in web cam to personalise their documents with their own photos, or create their own pictures with the Clicker painting tools. This also provides early or struggling writers with an alternative way to demonstrate understanding and capture ideas.

Clicker 7 also includes CrickPix, a bigger, broader library of over 3500 curriculum pictures. The library gives pupils easy access to relevant illustrations for their work, and teachers have a high quality bank of images at their fingertips to incorporate into Clicker activities. Symbol libraries are also available to purchase.

Sassoon font

The Sassoon font has been researched and developed specially for children. It is based on letter formations familiar to beginning readers and writers, for example rounded letters. Key features include the handwriting-like exit strokes at the base, and the longer ascenders and descenders, which aid letter and word recognition. The line spacing is also slightly bigger than most fonts to make texts easier to read. Whilst a range of other fonts is available in Clicker, using the Sassoon font is a really effective way to aid developing readers and writers.

Clicker Sets

In addition to the support built into the word processor, teachers can create or download grids to support writing. A range of styles is available to support different stages of literacy development, including Sentence Sets, Word Banks and Writing Frames. Click here for more information on writing grids and other styles of Clicker Sets for literacy.

Organise and plan writing with Clicker Board

Organising ideas is a vital first step in the writing process. New for Clicker 7, Clicker Board provides pupils with a built-in planning tool to help them prepare for writing.

Multiple ways to capture ideas

Pupils can manipulate and link any combination of words, pictures and sounds on their Clicker Board; it’s so intuitive, they’ll be able to get started straight away!

To add text, just drag in a shape from the objects palette and start to type.  Drag and drop pictures straight onto the board from your files or via your web browser. You can also select any of the 3500 curriculum pictures in the CrickPix library, or create your own images using the painting tools.

Children even have the option of adding their own Voice Notes to their Clicker Board – a powerful recording alternative for pupils who are strong verbal communicators but struggle to write their ideas down.

Use the circular handles on each object to link connected ideas together, and colour code them to reinforce your structure. Opt to have just one page, or organise different strands of your plan via a tabbed board.

Integrated Clicker support

All of Clicker’s support features are available while creating your Clicker Board. Listen back to your text with the speech tool, use the word predictor to help find the right word, and correct any spelling errors with the help of the talking spellchecker.

Transform plans into structured documents

Ready to start writing? Once a Clicker Board has been created, it can be instantly transformed into a word or picture bank that will sit at the bottom of the document as pupils write, providing instant point-and-click access to key words, phrases and/or  images.

The bank will mimic the structure of your board, helping pupils to organise their paragraphs and transfer their ideas to the page in a logical order.

System Requirements

Windows Minimum Requirements:
  •  Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  •  Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz (or equivalent), 2GB RAM
  •  Internet connection required for activation
Mac Minimum Requirements:
  •  OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11
  •  Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM
  •  Requires Java 6
  •  Internet connection required for activation

Clicker 7 features a network installation method. This creates a unique network package to deploy to workstations. It is compatible with standard Windows/Mac networks.
Installation instructions are included on the DVD and in the support section.

Product Registration

Registered users are entitled to the following services, free of charge:
  •  Free updates
  •  Free support
  •  Free license management
Click here to go to the Clicker 7 free trial download page.

Please note that Clicker 7 only runs on Windows or Mac computers.
Click here for the full list of Clicker apps for both Chromebook and iPad.

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