Real Play, Real Learning. Use tangible pieces to create a unique, hands-on learning experience.
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What is Osmo?

Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays.

What do I need to use Osmo?

You just need an iPad with a camera. Osmo is compatible with: iPad 9.7-inch models and iPad mini 7-inch models. Osmo does not work with Android-based tablets.

Starter Kits

Little Genius Kit


Build letters with squishy, colorful Sticks &Rings. Playful practice for pre-readers. Learn over 300 words through this playful adventure with Mo the Monster. Gain confidence in letter recognition, vocabulary, construction, and phonics.

Squiggle Magic

Create anything you want using Sticks & Rings and then watch them come alive! Develop cognitive, creative, social and emotional skills with our game pieces designed for little hands. Foster creativity and pre-drawing skills,through this fun-filled exploration.

Costume Party

Experiment with clothes and colours to make party outfits. Then watch characters react! Foster spatial reasoning, creativity and fine motor skills, plus have a blast dressing characters for a party. Discover age-appropriate expressions related to color and emotions.


Mix and match costumes to find silly solutions to obstacles and navigate adventures. Benefit from hands-on play and gain confidence with encouraging guidance from Mo the Monster. Use creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills to find solutions and get instant feedback. 

Little Genius includes 38 Silicone Sticks & Rings (BPA free, durable, dishwasher-safe silicone), 19 costume pieces, stackable storage containers, silicone play mat. 

Genius Kit


Arrange wooden puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes - animals, objects, humans and more. Play with a friend or challenge yourself to increasingly more difficult levels as your handiwork lights up with each victory.


Guess and spell the on-screen image. Team up or compete in-person with friends or family to see who will get their letter in first! Download free content like trivia, geography or upload your own like family names.


Newton works with any object or drawing – Mom’s keys,hand-drawn basket, even toys you already own. Simply place the object/drawing in front of the screen and manipulate it to guide the falling balls into the target zones.


Unleash your inner artist! Pick an image from the camera,web or curated gallery and Masterpiece will transform it into easy-to-follow lines, helping you create beautiful drawings.


Add, count and multiply the tiles to match the numbers on the bubbles. Popping enough bubbles will free the fish and unleash a storm of lightning and thunder! Big or small, even or odd, will you become the Numbers Master?

The Genius Kit includes word tiles, number tiles, and tangram pieces.

Explorer Kit

Includes everything in the Genius Kit plus:


Help Awbie explore a magic world and meet new friends. Uses high-quality physical blocks that kids love and understand. Inspired by 50 years of university research into coding education.


Bring your drawings to life! With Monster, your drawings become part of magical animated activities. Multiple Activities, Endless Creativity! Each activity with Mo has many different versions to play again and again.It’s fun to learn with your hands! Combining hand drawings with fun characters sparks their imagination and drive to learn.


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