Clicker 7 Training & Support

DTSL continues to support Clicker with onsite and online training.

DTSL Assistive Technology offers onsite, hands-on training on Clicker 7. Make the most of your investment in Clicker 6 with our comprehensive training sessions. Learn the basics, the new features of Clicker 7, or sign up for more advanced training to become a Clicker 7 expert! 

C l i c k e r  7 -  90 Second training handouts

Learn how to get the most out of Clicker 7 with these downloadable PDF guides.

Clicker 7 - Documents

- How to add pictures into the Document
- How to save and print Documents
- How to show Instant Pictures in a Document
- How to use the Grid Tools
- How to use the Painting Tools
- How to access the Training Resources
- How to create shortcuts to picture folders

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