Ball Stylus

This Ball Topped stylus is manufactured in England and is made from a combination of high grade anodised aluminium and phenolic resin.

The Ball Top is a 52mm diameter hard wearing phenolic resin which gives the stylus great protection from daily use, and means it is easily cleanable with any sterilising liquids. As with all of our styli the aluminium shaft is fitted with a Wacom Bamboo™ nib to give you the best possible accuracy and smallest possible footprint, ensuring it is easy to use apps and programs on your touch screen devices. The Tips on all Dad In A Shed Styli are genuine Wacom Bamboo tips, and as such don’t aways survive the rough and tumble of everyday life. If you need to replace your tip please look at the Tip Replacement Kit in our accessories section of the site. Please be aware that the small ball topped stylus has a slightly protruding metalic nut that aids with the capacitance needed to activate the screen.

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