Splash! is a flexible tool that enables learners with a wide range of abilities to create accurate illustrations for Maths and Science. It forms an accessible work space allowing students to carry out Maths, Science and drawing activities.
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Splash! includes full keyboard access, pointer only access or mixed mode control. Splash Infant!, Splash Junior! and Splash Senior! come with lots of easy-to-use resources for KS1 to KS4 Maths and KS3/4 Science. These resources illustrate the huge range and diversity of activities and features that Splash! offers children 4 to 16 and older.
If you can’t use pencils, pens, and crayons or struggle to draw or measure things accurately, or find writing and setting out numbers hard and things won’t go down on paper in the way that you want them to, then Splash! can help.

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