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A non-cognitive skills education for greater student success
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Providing the habits and skills crucial for better student performance

The employment opportunities available to today's students are changing rapidly, requiring better education outcomes, and a broader skill set than previous generations needed to achieve a successful life. 

Education experts increasingly suggest non-cognitive skills may provide a solution to achieving better outcomes. Non-cognitive skills are simply the attributes, behaviours and strategies thought to underpin success; it’s these skills that are believed to be the most important for students to master. But where do you learn these valuable skills?

Passion Arena is an online education platform tailored for Year 7 and older students, offering training videos and supporting exercises for schools and individuals wanting to learn and master a wide range of non-cognitive skills.

Supporting teachers to deliver better learning outcomes

A learning platform to support schools and educators. Passion Arena’s content is designed to support the learning outcomes desired by both schools and educators through the introduction and application of non-cognitive skills. Non-cognitive skills (the attitudes, behaviours and strategies thought to underpin success) are increasingly considered to be as important to positive outcomes for young people as cognitive ability in areas such as literacy and numeracy. 

Further enhancing the non-cognitive focus on success, our content is designed to encourage greater engagement with teachers, peers, parents and the wider community through a sustained focus on empathy, and the development of quality relationships.  We aim to engage and inspire students to see the opportunities that education presents, while seeking to create within students a positive attitude and internal belief that, with applied effort and sustained practice, positive outcomes can be achieved.

Our Introduction Series introduces the core fundamentals of our program based on our 12 core habits, and introduce most of the 39 skills that are fundamental to a life of success, meaning and happiness.

Who is Passion Arena for?

The content we’ve developed has been designed to be introduced to students from Year 7 (approx. 11 years of age) onwards. There are two reasons for this. We believe that Years 7 & 8 are transformative years for students within their schooling careers and represent a key transition point from child to young adult. This provides an opportunity for students to develop positive habits at this age which can serve them well as they progress through their later years in education.

Secondly, research into adolescent brain development suggests that introducing a new line of non-cognitive thinking at this young age, will help to make the content feel more familiar and accessible as children begin to move into the adolescent phase of their brain’s development. This sense of familiarity helps students to take on board new ideas while giving them more confidence to try out new positive behaviours which may support better learning outcomes in both the short and long-term.

Students should continue to benefit from Passion Arena content throughout high-school and well into post-graduate studies – especially as we continue to expand the content available.

Can you actually help students achieve?

The content provided in our episodes is based on many scientific studies which have each been shown in numerous cases to deliver positive outcomes to both young and old. Our content combines the learnings from multiple studies into one simple format expressed in simple language to make it more accessible to students. Each of the concepts we present has been shown to deliver positive outcomes, so we’re very confident that combining many of these ideas into one educational series will deliver students (and teachers) significant positive outcomes.

Helping you to improve in specific areas

As we expand out the content available, we'll be introducing a number of individual paths to help you improve in the specific skills you want to develop. Some examples of the skills paths we'll be developing over the coming months include the titles listed below (in no particular order): 

(Note: the specific Passion Arena skills we'll cover are shown in brackets)

 Increasing your happiness (Happiness / Positive thinking | Self-awareness)
 Setting and achieving your goals (Goals | Plans | Persistence | Visualization | Willpower)
 Getting better at anything (Practice | Accepting failure | Responsibility | Persistence)
 Discovering your passion (Passion | Desire | Patience)
 Taking action (Action | Facing fear | Self-awareness)
 Changing bad habits and creating good habits (Habits | Self-awareness | Discipline)
 Building your willpower (Persistence | Willpower | Self-awareness)
 Increasing your self-confidence (Self-confidence | Self-belief | Self-awareness)
 Getting to know yourself better (Mindfulness | Attitude | Self-awareness)
 Taking more initiative and earning responsibility (Initiative | Responsibility | Leadership)
 Becoming more disciplined (Discipline | Routines | Responsibility)
 Having more empathy and compassion (Empathy | Relationships | Community)
 Facing your fears and becoming more courageous (Facing fear | Courage | Self-awareness)
 Developing a positive attitude (Attitude | Gratitude | Positive thinking)
 Learning to sell (Selling | Networking | Practice)
 Discovering your creativity and having more ideas (Creativity | Ideas | Value)
 Becoming a better communicator (Communication | Empathy | )
 Learning to be a leader (Leadership | Empathy | Community | Communication)
 Networking and building relationships (Networking | Relationships | Empathy)
 Managing your stress levels (Managing Stress | Mindfulness)
 Improving your patience (Patience | Mindfulness | Empathy)
 Providing value in everything you do (Value | Leadership | Ideas)

The Introduction Series - The starting point for all Passion Arena members

Passion Arena's Introduction Series introduces our first 42 episodes, which are structured into three parts as outlined: (click to see specific episode breakdowns for each)

 Part 1: Setting the stage for success (18 episodes)
 Part 2: Getting to know yourself (14 episodes)
 Part 3: Getting to know others (10 episodes)

Over the course of the series, Passion Arena students are introduced to each of the foundational habits, and a wide number of our skills for success. The introduction Series contains the only compulsory episodes on the Passion Arena platform, as the information provided forms the backbone for all the other content we offer. For this reason, you must complete all three parts of this series before being able to begin any of the specific skills paths.

Try Passion Arena for free here.

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