Friendship Farm Puzzle Games - Set of 4

Teach children social skills using these fun puzzle games.

Players start off laying out the 20 pieces of the puzzle, each with a question designed to stimulate social learning.

As each question is answered, the piece is turned over and the players cooperatively form the colorful and engaging puzzle. When the puzzle is completed, players must search the pictures to find the animals on Friendship Farm who are socially appropriate. The games are designed to be played in counseling sessions,  classrooms, or at home. Each puzzle comes with its own instructions. Dimensions: 15" x 21" , sturdy cardboard material.

Set includes one each of the following puzzles:

Who is Being Friendly? Friendship Farm Puzzle Game 
Who is Being Helpful? Friendship Farm Puzzle Game 
Who Is Following the Rules? Friendship Farm Puzzle Game 
Who is Being Responsible and Respectful? Friendship Farm Puzzle Game