Voombox - Outdoor Classroom Speaker

The Voombox-Outdoor Classroom Speaker provides HiFi amplified sound that will fill your classroom.
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Perfect for use with tablet or desktop computers. The rugged design protects against impact and moisture. Connection via Bluetooth creates a wires free experience and allows the speaker to be placed almost anywhere in the room.

  •  Rugged design protects against impact and moisture
  •  Up to 12-hours of play time
  •  Internal rechargeable battery
  •  Requires Bluetooth 4.0 connection
  •  Output Power: 7.5W x 2
  •  Dimensions: 185mm L x 60mm W x 78mm H (7.3-in L x 2.4-in W x 3.1-in H)
  •  Weight: 700g (1.6lb)

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