Takstar Personal Voice Amplifier Wireless

With the wireless kit, you can move comfortably without attaching the belt with an onerous speaker amplifier and enjoy all the benefits: Massive power and pleasing sound.

2.4GHz wireless digital voice amplifier with stable and reliable performance. The transmitter and the receiver are pre-matched automatically, so several systems can be used at once without interference.
This voice amplifier has a clear sound quality and high sensitivity due to its digital audio processing. It can be used for outdoor activities as well as for teachers and tourists guide.
In addition, the transmitter and receiver are equipped with built-in polymer Li-ion rechargeable batteries, and supplied with high performance built-in wireless lavalier microphone and wired headset microphone for your convenience.
The sound amplification belt an be used normally by connecting the microphone directly to the amplifier. The combination of both wired and wireless equipment allows amplifying two speakers simultaneously without needing any additional equipment.
Here are multiple usage options provided with this equipment:
  • Distancing the amplifier from the user, and using the wireless microphone as a lapel microphone, or a head microphone or a neck microphone.
  •  Attaching the amplifier to the waist and connecting a head microphone or a neck microphone directly to the amplifier. This option eliminates the need for a wireless transmitter. 
  • Combining use by two users, using a single amplifier. One speaker will use the wireless microphone, while the other speaker will use the wired microphone, connected directly to an amplifier located on his waist.
Both the transmitter and the receiver are equipped with rechargeable lithium polymer batteries.
The kit includes:
  • A compact amplification unit
  • Head microphone
  • Power supply (Charger)
  • Shoulder/neck strap
  • Belt clip
  • BLUETOOTH transmitter

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