Sensory Wall Panels

The wide range of Sensory Wall Panels provide various visual, auditory and tactile experiences.

They encourage discovery and interaction, develop eye hand coordination and improve motor skills and movement.

Size: 33.02 long cm x 38.1 cm wide x 9.52 cm high. Requires 4 C Batteries. Weight: 2.72 kg.

Picture of Lighted Fan
Lighted Fan
Fan blows air while multicolored lights blink while dome is pressed.
SKU: 2261W
Picture of Musical Fireworks
Musical Fireworks
Lights flash and music and sounds play when dome is pressed. Plays a celebration tune and sound of fireworks.
SKU: 2262W
Picture of Kaleidoscope
Color your world, soothe your soul with a motion-sensor activated wall panel that reflects a dazzling kaleidoscope of multicolored lights accompanied by soft music.
SKU: 3280
Touch Light
Press the textured plate and the panel lights up while music plays. Six different songs that play for 20 seconds each. On/off vibration.
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Moving Marbles
SKU: 2295